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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


When you shop at San Diego Electric Bike, you can feel CONFIDENT that you're getting expert advice about quality products. We promise to tailor each shopping experience to you personally, so that together we can uncover what is important to YOU when it comes to electric bikes. There is no single BEST e-bike out there. The BEST e-bike is the one that is BEST for you and your needs! We guarantee that whichever bike we pick out together will be the PERFECT bike for you! 


At San Diego Electric Bike we have a LOVE YOUR RIDE guarantee! We WANT you to be out there telling everyone how awesome your bike is and where you got it from. If you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase we WANT to hear from you! We want the opportunity to make it right. That may be exchanging models or even refunding your money outright. 

We stand by our promise that you will leave our shop 100% satisfied. We've been in this business for 14 years, the only reason is because of the word of mouth and loyalty of our customers.