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Our mission in simple. WE MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR YOU. Everything we do, we have your best interest in mind. Whether you're just beginning in your electric bike journey or you're already a professional e-bike enthusiast, we will patiently guide you through the process of what it means to be an e-bike owner.

Solidifying our company's foundation of trust, servitude and pursuit of excellence, our core belief of treating our customers with kindness and the fact that we are a FULL-SERVICE E-BIKE SHOP, are the KEY INGREDIENTS that SEPRARATES US FROM THE REST.

We are 100% committed to providing our customers with excellent service and products. Resilient, adaptive and trustworthy, we are recognized as a pioneer in the e-bike industry --- 14 years and still going strong, we know what our customers want. As our customers change and grow, so do we --- we stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and rigorously test all of our products to ensure you are receiving quality, durable, top-of-the-line merchandise.

It's all about the outstanding customer experience at San Diego Electric Bike --- it's our top priority to make sure you have a great one. You can be confident that no matter which bike you choose from at our shop, it will be a GREAT bike at the BEST price --- and delivered with a SMILE! It's not just about owning an e-bike --- it's about living an e-bike lifestyle. 


We understand it can be painful trying to make sense of all the different e-bike brands and models online. And we know you don't want to fall sucker simply to the best advertising without having a great product to back it up! You can never be sure which of these brands and models are going to stay, and which are going to be gone (along with your access to any service parts) within a year or two.

In our industry experience we've seen every brand come and some go. We stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and rigorously test our products ourselves before offering them for sale to you. Because of our well established name in the industry, we get to choose which brands we partner with. And just like you, we appreciate receiving back-end support from the brands we represent. This means they readily have parts available for us to solve any issues that arise. So you can be confident that no matter which bike you choose from our shop, it will be a GREAT bike at the BEST price with OUTSTANDING backend support!



At San Diego Electric Bike we sell our bikes for the SAME price you could buy them for online. So you don't pay more by shopping locally with us. Why get a huge, heavy box full of unassembled bike parts? As a thank you for shopping with us we include our professional assembly ($155 value), 6 months of unlimited tune-ups ($220 value), and we act as your warranty representative ($500+ value) all for absolutely NO CHARGE!

We've turned the typical pricing model upside down. We buy bikes in bulk so we can regularly offer SALE prices below what you could get the same bike for online. Now, you can actually pay LESS and get MORE by shopping locally with us! Not to mention the incredible experience of seeing and feeling a bike in person before buying!  



Owning an e-bike is about living an e-bike lifestyle. It's not just about the bike... It's about the experiences you have while riding the bike! That's why we stock our stores with all the latest accessories. We can help personalize your bike and create the type of experience you're looking for.

Like our bikes, we don't charge more for these game-changing accessories. In fact, we even offer 10% off and FREE installation of accessories when you buy them at the same time as a bike. So whether it's a child trailer or a surf board rack (or both!), you can be sure that they fit your bike and are safely installed. 



Electric bikes are just regular pedal bikes at their base. They have front and rear brakes, pedals and mechanical gears to adjust how hard it is to pedal just like on a regular bike. These mechanical components are integral to providing a safe and rewarding riding experience.   

At San Diego Electric Bike, we live, breath and sleep bikes. Our Service Department boasts over 40 years of combined industry experience. We are a team of Career-Oriented technicians who can maintain, repair and improve the mechanical performance of your bike. 



Electric bikes have come a long way since we started 14 years ago. We've seen and studied as the technology has evolved through it's many iterations. That knowledge has allowed us to develop a strong fundamental understanding of electric bikes and how they work. Not every e-bike technician is the same. We are a team of e-bike certified technicians and we are often sent work from other e-bike stores in the areas.

Our La Jolla location serves all makes and models of e-bikes, the only shop to do so in San Diego County. And we have developed a strong partnership with our partners to ensure that we have readily available parts for all the bikes we sell. 


Explore your neighborhood like never before with our selection of rental e-bikes. Whether you’re trying something new or visiting from out of town, our new e-bike rentals and friendly staff will make sure you have a great experience!