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Our Story


1 man.
1 bike.
1 garage.

But this wasn't any ordinary man. And this wasn't any ordinary garage --- inside this garage... magic happened.
Pat, a retired Navy Vet, had a gift for converting pedal bikes into electric bikes. Now, this was in 2008 --- electric bikes had barely hit the scene. You could say that Pat was "ahead of his time"...... a "mechanical genius" of sorts ---  he had a knack for developing products that he knew his future customers would want.

Long story short, in 2010, Pat converted a bicycle into an electric bike for his customer, David and the rest was history! Pat's work was impeccable --- the best that David had ever seen. Both dedicated to excellence and the desire to be the leader in the "e-bike movement", it was only natural that David and Pat joined forces and opened up the first e-bike retail location in Solana Beach.

"Hi, I'm Cory. Along with my business partner, David, we are the proud Owners of San Diego Electric Bike. We are so glad you're here!

In 2018, I officially became a part of the San Diego Electric Bike family and spearheaded the operational side of the company. Pat decided it was time to pass the company torch, so he adopted the role of becoming my mentor and taught me everything he knew about electric bikes. As Pat's Protégé, I lived and breathed electric bikes for the next 2 years.

I make it my daily mission to carry on Pat's legacy of hard work and desire for excellence. Pat's energy and passion have inspired me to do better --- as a person and as the Owner of San Diego Electric Bike. 

Leading the operational side of San Diego Electric Bike has given me a tremendous amount of insight as to what my customers want. I am relentless when it comes to discovering new ways of improving the e-bike experience for my customers. It's important to me that we make our e-bike experience accessible to everyone.

Whether you're just beginning your electric bike journey or you're an Olympian athlete looking to purchase your 10th e-bike, we will patiently guide you through the process of what it means to be an e-bike owner. It's not just about owning an e-bike --- it's about living an e-bike lifestyle."

      --- Cory, Co-Owner of San Diego Electric Bike


In 2010, the first factory-made electric bikes made their big debut to the public and the e-bike movement started gaining traction. San Diego Electric Bike was the first company to ride that monumental e-bike wave --- selling some of the very first factory-made electric bikes in Southern California. Known for resilience, friendly atmosphere and extensive experience in the e-bike industry, San Diego Electric bike is considered a PIONEER LEADER in the e-bike industry. San Diego Electric Bike is honored to hold that title and their dedication to providing the ultimate customer experience keeps getting stronger every year.



We are a FULL-SERVICE e-bike shop. When you buy an e-bike from us, our FULL-SERVICE shop will handle your e-bike's maintenance, repairs and warranty work. We even provide a 6-month service package for your e-bike --- FOR FREE! 


We make the impossible, POSSIBLE. We do the work that NO OTHER e-bike store can do! Yes, you can call us an anomaly or...... just SUPER AWESOME! While other e-bike companies are scratching their heads in confusion, we have already scratched the surface to SOLVING your problem and are onto the NEXT thing you need help with! We are like the e-bike SUPERHEROES of San Diego!



Our mission is simple. WE MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR YOU. Everything we do, we have your best interest in mind. We want your experience to be a great one. We take the time to help you select the BEST e-bike that matches your lifestyle, needs, budget and personality. We explain in detail all the different features and options our e-bikes have, so you can feel confident in your e-bike purchase.

When you shop at San Diego Electric Bike, you can expect top-notch customer service --- guaranteed. Our customers know that they will be treated kindly and respectfully EVERY TIME they see us. It's why we've been around for so long - since 2008. We believe that customer journey consistency is the key to success. 


It's our job to find the perfect e-bike for you --- and we guarantee that promise. We guarantee your satisfaction so much that we will give you a 100% money-back gurantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase --- no questions asked. How great is that?


As an eco-friendly company, we understand it's important to you to purchase products with the environment in mind. Our company, on a whole, has a minimal negative impact on the environment and our community. Since our e-bikes are electric, no harmful emissions are outputted into the air; thus, we prevent pollution and provide a safer, more eco-friendly mode of transportation.



A little kindness goes a long way. Our core belief of treating our customers with kindness solidifies our company's foundation of trust and servitude. The knowledge we've gained from our experiences with our customers has allowed us to grow exponentially as a company and reinstates our company mindset of "GIVING BACK." Our mindset of "giving back" carries over into our management style, our business goals and the way we treat you, our customers. What's important to YOU is what's important to us. 



The positive benefits of riding an e-bike extend not only to your physical body, but to your mental health, as well. It's about being in nature - enjoying the outdoors - it's about doing something good for your body, mind and the environment. E-bikes not only provide a means of versatile transportation, but they encourage curiosity and the willingness to try new things. We want you to succeed in all that you do and if we can help you reach your goals faster (literally!), then we feel like we've done our part in positively impacting your life.

From e-bike purchases and e-bike service maintenance --- to e-bike rentals and stocking up on the latest e-bike gear, you'll find everything you've ever wanted to know (AND MORE!) about e-bikes when you shop at San Diego Electric Bike. We feel privileged to be your ULTIMATE E-BIKE RESOURCE.

Thank you for choosing us, San Diego Electric Bike --- The Original Electric Bike Shop of San Diego County --- to ride with you on your e-bike journey!