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Benno Remi Demi Performance Sport

Benno Remi Demi Performance Sport
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The Benno RemiDemi was designed to shed those old and outdated beliefs. It's a totally new breed of ebikes with a fun yet sturdy and stable ride that gives you more control. The unique and iconic lines of the pragmatic frame design give it a fresh yet timeless and simple look. And of course being a Benno it has our trademarked Etility® Design which means it can carry more cargo and can easily be accessorized with different Benno front trays, Yepp® child seats, and most Racktime® baskets, trays, and bags.


Motor Specs 65nm torque, up to 28mph assist
Drive System Bosch Performance Sport (Gen 3)
Battery Type/Weight 400wh

* Subject to change without notice.