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Magnum Bikes Pathfinder 350W

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Work hard and play harder! The Magnum Pathfinder 350 is an e-bike that suits your active lifestyle. Whether it's used for recreation, exercise, commuting, or for the pure joy of power-assisted movement, the unisex Magnum Pathfinder 350 with its step-through frame will match your physique and your skills, and exceed your expectations.

Motor Brand
Vision In-House

Motor Type
Rear Mounted Geared Hub

Motor Nominal Output
350 Watts

Motor Peak Output
500 Watts

Battery Brand

Battery Voltage
36 Volts

Battery Ah

Battery Wh
468 Wh

Battery Chemistry

Battery Charge Time (from empty)
6.5 Hours

Minimum Range
20 Miles (32 Kilometers)

Maximum Range
40 Miles (64 Kilometers)

Display Type
Vision LCD Display

Display Readouts
Battery Charge Level (Infographic with 5 Bars), Current Speed,
Assist Level (0-5, Class 1; 0-6, Class 2 & 3), Odometer, Trip Distance, Average Speed, Max Speed

Display Accessories
Drive Mode
Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Twist Throttle, Walk Mode

Top Speed
Up to 25 mph (40 km) with pedal assist, up to 20 mph with throttle only

Integrated Front And Rear Lights